Visit of Erciyes Teknopark in Kayseri, Turkey


Prof. Dr. A. COŞKUN (middle), Ibrahim GENCASLAN (right) and Dr.Michael Boronowsky in front of the Genetic Research Centre.



Michael gives an overview to the role of Universities in the regional innovation system and introduces innoSPICE as a tool to manage the improvement of organizational structures and processes in the field of technology transfer.

To develop the relation with the Erciyes Teknopark Michael Boronowsky from the innovation Capability visited Kayseri in Turkey from 25.-28.5.2015 on invitation of the Teknopark. The technology park belongs to Erciyes University and is facing rapid and impressive growth. A interesting promotional video of the Teknopark can be found here. Beside a meeting with the Vice President of the Erciyes University, Prof. Dr. A. COŞKUN, Dr. Boronowsky visited the new Nano Technology Research Centre, several companies at the Teknopark and the ser@ start-up accelerator. During several meeting with the team of  the Teknopark and the colleagues of the Technology Transfer Office (ETTO) the challenges of technology transfer and the development of suitable services for a science park were discussed. innoSPICE was introduced as a tool to measure the current organizational capability in the field of innovation, knowledge and technology transfer. There had be a rather good discussion, about the advantages and the challenges to professionalize own organizational structures. It was agreed to follow up on these ideas for future collaboration.


Discussion with experts from ETTO about experiences and strategies for knowledge and technology-transfer.

Main goal of the visit was the finalization of a proposal in the area of entrepreneurship mobility. Together with Hülya GÜMÜŞ, a colleague from ETTO, following a very tight schedule they managed to complete their work in time according to their plan. Right from the start this cooperation was an example of efficiency and a tremendous amount of work was done in a lightweight fashion.


Working areas of the ser@ accelerator at the Teknopark

It was a very good visit experiencing the impressive hospitality of the turkish hosts and their great professional attitude. It is worth to stop by and think about a collaboration with a very dynamic region. A first step was done to submit a common proposal now, but also beside of this activity the visit was the start of a long term oriented partnership. For the whole visit Ibrahim GENCASLAN was supporting
Michael and helped to transfer the ideas of a potential collaboration during the discussions in a excellent way.

It was great meeting with you!


The Nanno technology institute at Erciyes University.

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About Michael

Michael Boronowsky is Managing Director of the Innovation Capability Center at the Center for Computing Technologies, University of Bremen (Germany). After his Diploma in Electrical Engineering at University of Applied Science in Aachen, Michael became leading development engineer in a measurement device company. During and after his study he was responsible to coordinate research cooperation and to integrate research results into the development of innovative products. He went back to university and studied Computer Science in Nijmegen (Netherlands) and received a Master in Computer Science in 1995. Since this time he is working at the University of Bremen in different roles. After he had finished his PhD he became managing director of the TZI. Throughout his career he was interested to be an actor within the science-industry interface and he became an international expert in the field of knowledge- and technology transfer. He is part of the team that has initiated the ISO/IEC 15504 based model innoSPICE. His interest is to establish standards in knowledge intense institutions, to support generation of efficiency gains in the field of innovation and to help investors and research institutions to optimize public funds to achieve economic added value.

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