Network of innoSPICE Hubs

Currently innoSPICE assessments offered and performed by experts of the innovation capability center and former members of the BONITA consortium. The structures of a Europe-wide application, as well as an ISO / IEC 15504 accreditation of innoSPICE- auditors are under construction.
ISO / IEC 15504 innoSPICE was funded by public funds and intended to serve the public interest as a result and will be further developed. The aim was to innoSPICE to develop an open approach that enables value creation opportunities in the individual European member states: The market potential of assessments should not be monopolized by a single private owner of the standard but should act as “business enabler” to build national and regional structures to motivate the application of innoSPICE. The standards-based model innoSPICE exists as a public project results. The Innovation Capability Center of the University Bremen is developing a social franchising approach to motivate the development of national accounts and long-term financing on the revenue from the use of accreditations / certification.

We are aware that this is a long term oriented activity (5-10 years) and we are looking for partners that are interested to take an active role in developing their own national quality assurance in the area of knowledge- and technology transfer.