innoSPICE assessments


The innovation capability team is offering to perform a guided self assessment based on the ISO/IEC 15504 standard based model innoSPICE. The organization first analyzes itself within a guided self-assessment moderated by an external innoSPICE assessor. Therefore several workshops will be organized to stimulate discussions at the interfaces inside an organization. It will also combine top-down analysis – involving the management – with bottom-up elements – involving the operative staff responsible to implement specific organizational functions. This way it is ensured, that not only management view is considered, but also the quality of the process execution it taken into account. As self reflection and generation of common understanding related to organizational performance is core to this assessment, the ownership of the analysis is important element. The role of the assessor in this phase is to support the selected individuals in an organization to determine a realistic rating of the process quality and to guide the related discussions accordingly.

According to the type of organization and the scope of the guided self-assessment it will take 2-4 days of work in an organization.

If an organization is requesting a more formal analysis later, an external audit of the organization can be performed. During this external assessment, the content of the self assessment report will be challenged and verified through inspections of different organizational areas by a team of accredited assessors. On the basis of the positive result of the self and the external assessment an innoSPICE™ certificate can be awarded to the organization and the quality report released.

Capability Profile of an organization based on ISO/IEC 15504 innoSPICE

Capability Profile of an organization based on ISO/IEC 15504 innoSPICE

The innoSPICE™ Transfer Capability Report

The innoSPICE™ report publishes substantial transfer relevant information about the organization in a standardized way, validated by the external evaluation team. Each innoSPICE™ report includes an individual introduction to the assessed organization as well as a description of a total of 60 criteria of the process catalogue that:

  • describe the organizational status quo in relation to the listed base practices
  • states people’s current level of competence and skill within the organization
  • states any inherent structural conflicts in the organizational design
  • specifies the requirements improving the operational environment
  • stimulates thinking

High organizational process capability cannot be established at once during the launch of activities, but will be improved applying an iterative procedure of process capability assessment and improvement. As known from other industrial and public domains, a structured quality record might also be required in the two-year interval: all transfer activities and services can be described including minimum requirements for the structure and quality of results. With the innoSPICE™ report every transfer related organization can convey an overview regarding the range of these activities and services, its performance and its quality management to all interested parties.

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