innoSPICE an Innovation Capability Process Reference and Assessment Model


innoSPICE identify what is inside your organization

Organizations who are already performing successful knowledge- and technology transfer, are confronted with the question how to improve their efficiency. innoSPICE™ is a transfer-specific evaluation procedure that help knowledge-intense institutions generate more innovation while helping investors and research institutions optimize funds to achieve economic added value. The development of the ISO/IEC 15504 conformant process reference and assessment model was supported financially by the Baltic Sea Region Program and accompanied scientifically by Prof. Antanas Mitasiunas in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Center for Computing and Communication Technologies (TZI) at University of Bremen in Germany. The content of the processes were partly adopted from established process capability models and partly new developed and tested by technology transfer practitioners from 11 European countries. As a structured quality assurance method, innoSPICE™ is offering an instrument making the organizational structure and its functionality transparent to support knowledge- and technology transfer activities as an standardized report, also to be published to the outside.

How are sustainable improvements in technology transfer efficiency rated and created?

innoSPICE™ analyzes research, transfer and innovation by means of process quality and the depending organizational capabilities. It uses an ISO/IEC 15504 framework for assessing the organizational process dimension of stakeholders within the complete innovationinnospice-roles value cycle.

These assessments provide a structured feedback of the current transfer performance: Understanding the activities in the context of the complex transfer procedure helps to identify organizational strength and weaknesses on detail level. The goal is to ensure that important organizational processes are dedicated to knowledge- and technology transfer as an added value to the core business.

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