Consortium Member

The Innovation Capability team is a competent partner for your projects. We are experienced partners and are supporting your project proposals as well with quality content and in time delivery of formal partner information. We have gained experience in several European funding programs like H2020, INTERREG, ERASMUS, COSME etc. As we are proposal developers on our own we know about the need for professional support of the coordinators during application phase, but also during project implementation. Our team is skilled in several soft sectors, like communication, presentation, leadership, motivation, creativity, mediation and also in classical areas like project management, planning etc.

European commission is still looking for better concepts to increase the impact of public funded European research. We are confident that proposals are in a better position for funding, if they present stronger concepts how sustainability of the results will be achieved.  According to our experience “sustaining the project results” is often more an alibi than a clear strategical project goal. To move the projects to more realistic societal or economic value, is not only good for Europe it is also very positive for all partners of a project. The conception and preparation of strategies to sustain the projects results should not only happen close to the end of the project, it is a process that has to accompany the whole duration of a project.

Our core competence is to support projects to improve the impact of the projects, by helping organizations to develop a better alignment of the project goals with the interest or stragtegies of the organization. As soon as the science industry interface is addressed we are experts to professionalize the collaboration between partners (e.g. business – research – government) and to improve the innovation capability of organizations. We help them to become an effective or even more efficient actor within the innovation cycle. We offer:

  • All forms of individual capacity building activities, like
    • specific individual trainings for knowledge and technology transfer in various fields
  • management consulting to develop better organizational structures to contribute to innovation activities
  • All forms of capacity building on organizational level, like
    • support organizational development by specific workshops that will lead to a better alignment of internal and external interfaces
  • support consortia to develop a clear distribution of responsibilities and a better connection of the project to own organization
  • we have established partnerships to organizations in various fields. We are a competent partner to acquire the best partners from our network for a project

Beside these offers the innovation capability team can adapt their methods according to the specific orientation of a planned project.

If you are interested in a collaboration in a European project, we can provide you with a document containing our PIC number, description of our organization, CVs of Key personnel, relevant projects and publications. Contact details of relevant staff and administrative staff. The document will also contain our monthly personnel costs or costs per day in public funded research projects. This compact information is a service for the coordinator of proposals, as we know that the devil is in every detail and precompiled information is a critical time saver.