The DAAD RAMSES project aims to professionalize the management structures of the higher education institutions in Cairo and Tunis in cooperation with University of Bremen in a self-evaluating process. In particular, this project RAMSes will:

  • Assist Cairo University and IRESA executive staff to pilot a process oriented quality assurance and university management approach;
  • Promote the capability of university executives and administrations to understand process and innovation value chain orientation,
  • Build local capacity to conduct ISO/IEC 15504 innoSPICE self assessments as a sustainable basis to design and apply strategic and operational improvement measures.
  • Enhance the employability of Egyptian and Tunisian public university graduates by initiating a reliable alignment process of academic curricula and industry demand.
  • Support an interactive triple helix approach of public universities, governmental bodies and industry for societal development within Egypt and Tunisia.

Initiate an Arab-language ISO/IEC15504 innoSPICE training and accreditation hub in Cairo for capability improvement of academic knowledge transfer and innovation management.