P2L2 – Public Policy Living Lab

The Innovation Capability Center of the University Bremen is Lead Partner of the  INTERREG EUROPE project P2L2. The consortium is built from 10 partners from 6 European Countries (GERMANY, POLAND, DENMARK, LITHUANIA, ITALY, and FRANCE).

Project goals

  • Establish policy roadmaps that will improve the regions’ innovation ecosystem of advanced materials.
  • Improving policy instruments that support the innovation ecosystem of advanced materials
  • Improving policy instruments related to the implementation and evaluation of smart specialization strategies
  • Coordinating/aligning regional policies and strategies between sectors to facilitate innovation ecosystems that go beyond administrative regional boundaries

P2L2 is an Interreg project with the European Commission. For that reason, P2L2 supports the EC’s National/Regional Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3). These strategies, among other things, focus on enhancing each region’s particular strengths, competitive advantages and potential for excellence.

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