Our Mission


The Innovation Capability Competence Center is aiming to pursue the following objectives:

  • Quality assurance of knowledge and technology transfer processes and structures of cooperation
  • Quality assurance of  processes for the development of regional innovation strategies based on smart specialization
  • Support the improvement of internal and external collaboration for an increased innovation capacity
  • Establishment of process orientation and Capablitity maturity approaches in innovation management
  • Positioning own methods and tools, standardization (ISO / IEC 15504 innoSPICE) and establishment of these approaches.
  • Following the ideas of the „Doing Development Differently Manifesto“ in Capability Development
  • Apply and promote the principles of Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA) as methodology for Capability Development

Domains and target groups
The above objectives are achieved in different areas:

  • Research, e.g .:
    • Develop and evaluation of approaches and tools for process-oriented quality assurance in Innovation Management
    • Further development of ISO / IEC 15504 innoSPICE
    • Structure and mode of action of Capability Maturity models and process reference models for inter- and intra-organizational knowledge and technology transfer
    • Development of integrated assessment and consulting tools
  • Teaching, e.g .:
    • Process-based Knowledge and Technology Transfer Management
    • Quality of innovation activities in public institutions
  • Evaluation, e.g .:
    • Performing innoSPICE assessments in research institutions
    • Evaluation of the transfer capability of project consortia
  • Consulting, e.g .:
    • Support the establishment of new cooperation structures with the aim of efficient knowledge transfer
    • Advice for the introduction of quality assurance for continuous process improvement in the innovation cycle
  • Training And Coaching e.g .:
    • Introduction to ISO / IEC 15504 innoSPICE;
    • Training and accreditation of assessors and internal quality manager
    • Coaching of technology and knowledge transfer transfer exceutives