We represent a team of experts at the University of Bremen that works for several years in the field of capacity raising for knowledge and technology transfer in universities, public research centers, science parks, cluster organizations. In the framework of a European project we have developed the ISO/IEC 15504 standard conformant process reference model innoSPICE. This process reference model supports organizations in the innovation cycle to improve their capability in knowledge- and technology transfer and collaboration in a structured and measurable way. We performed several assessments and trainings based on innoSPICE in several European Countries. In Lithuania we developed and applied trainings for capacity raising for more professional interfaces within their own transfer structures. Currently we are developing and implementing a concept to support the startup phase of a cluster initiative for the Federal State of Bremen and are deploying our methods within Europe and Central Asia. We are coordinators of two DAAD projects (SATIS, RAMSES) to improve scientific management structures for better support of innovation, knowledge- and technology transfer in northern Africa.

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