Kraftwerk City Accelerator in Bremen

The opportunities to support entrepreneurs in the state of Bremen is richer now. The Kraftwerk City Accelerator (http://kraftwerk-accelerator.comkraftwerk-accelerator-logo-color-90) is offering interesting services to entrepreneurs. The accelerator is hosted by the swb Erzeugung AG & Co. KG part of the utilities company for the state of bremen (

The kraftwerk-city accelerator bremen is looking for young entrepreneurs, founders & start-up-teams that are dedicated to develop the infrastructure of future cities. The business fields are new energies, smart transportation, intelligent waste management and collaboration. Beside others kraftwerk offers more than just an accelerator program. They provide a whole  innovation ecosystem and an unique network of partner companies and senior experts in the proposed business fields. This is a very interesting opportunity for entrepreneurs with business ideas in this area as access to expertise, networks or even infrastructures really can ramp up the own business. And if the idea is growing, the suitable business partners for getting big, are close.

Entrepreneurs that are interested to participate in the accelerator program can apply now. The accelerator is taking applications till the 15. August 2015. Additional information can be found here.